A bit about me

If you're interested in me enough to have clicked on this link, then you're probably related to me, and you'll already know more things about me then I'd put on a webpage.

If, on the other hand, you got here by accident, then anything I write here would be boring and a bit narcisistic.

And, in any case, whatever I write here, the main thing you'd glean about me is that I don't update my 'about me' page very regularly.

I suggest you go somewhere more interesting, like my old theatre troupe Three's Company or the film production company Brother Brother, my agent's website, or a random wikipedia article.

Go home.

I just thought, just in case you're a search engine, I should probably tell you that I'm a theatre and film writer/director with a background in theatre and comedy. I'm of Ehyptian descent (amongst other things) and I mostly grew up in a small English town that doesn't know if it's in the North-West or East Midlands (among other places). I'm interested in in comedy, Shakespeare, interactivity, new writing, gender-bending art, speed, and work that explores class, masculinity, sexism, climate change, and racial issues.

Over the years I've co-founded or co-created Brother Brother (we make films), and Adventure Department (a genre-surfing spoof audio comedy), Three's Company (a theatre company), Underground Venues (an arts venue group), Smooth Faced Gentlemen (all-female shakespeare), and Missing Something (an online sitcom).
But mostly, these days, I'm a film and theatre director.

But to be fair, this page gets updated approximately once every six years, so when you read this I may well be an astronaut or vintage camera salesman.