Yaz Al-Shaater - film-maker

Yaz Al-Shaater: film-maker

Back in 1997, as young children, while my brother and I were staying with a relative, we had our first experience of playing with a video camera. It was a dated device even then, but the possibilities blew our minds. And so a life-long love of movie-making took hold. Througout school, we continued to make skits and spoofs using friends' early digital cameras whenever we could, but we started ot move in different directions.

Fast forward a few years, and we'd both just graduated, and already started to carve out careers in theatre (in my case) and design/photography (for him). But we couldn't shake the idea that we should be making movies. So, we pooled a little money and bought a cheap camera. We made a short film, and secured a small corporate job from it. That paid for some better equipment, which led to a better short film, a music video, and subsequently a higher-paid corporate job for a charity.

Now, we make our living from film-making. I've directed music videos, shorts, spoofs, 48-film competition entries, and documentaries. I normally direct, with my brother as DoP, though we also work independently and sometimes swap.

Recent work includes an online sitcom, Missing Something (featured in The Guardian); a series of videos for Homes For Britain (commissioned by Shelter and The National Housing Federation to get housing issues on the agenda during the 2015 general election), and the EPK/Making Of Documentaries for Hunters' Prayer (Jonathan Mostow's upcoming feature, starring Sam Worthington).

For more information on my work, and a showreel, see the Brother Brother website. You can also contact me directly.

See also: my work as a theatre director.

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